This week some crazy stuff happened in the cybersecurity world. A group of registered Democratic voters in Florida received a very threatening email. This email stated that the sender was in possession of all your information and that […]
There is some confusion between cybersecurity risks and privacy risks. I am going take a few moments to breakdown the two. Cybersecurity is concerned with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Where privacy is concerned with the […]
Misinformation I am going to go a little off topic in today’s post. Today’s topic is on disinformation. Disinformation is a major security risk for ourselves and society. It is a security risk for you, for your children, […]
Culture eats structure for breakfast. Peter Drucker Culture is one of the most important aspects to the success for every business. Whether that is a business of 1 or 1,000,000. Without a culture of reducing cyber risk, there […]
For more information, see the National Institutes for Standards and Technology publication 7621  Creating a Cybersecurity program for a small business is straight forward. There are five functions that every security program must address. The first step in any […]
It is not secure Email has become one of the most prevalent ways we communicate electronically. Hundreds of billion of emails sent every day. And every one of them should not secure. Someone other than the intended recipient […]
To wrap up small business week. I am going to provide resources to further your education on cyber security. There is so much information that one can get lost in the ocean. There are a few really good […]
Insider Threats This is the last post for this series of the “Top Five Threats All Businesses Face”. Today we exploring insider threats. What is an insider threat? As the name says, the threat comes from inside the […]