A suspicious email was sent to me today. One that made me look twice. The email looked to be a bounced email. You know, one of those emails that says unknown email address. This one looked very real […]
The FBI, DHS, and HHS released a bulletin yesterday stating that the Healthcare industry (Public and Private) are targets of a wide scale ransomware attack. Summary of the security advisor from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) […]
As election day is getting closer and closer, and with all the talk about possible tampering with the election. I started to wonder why don’t we have an online version of voting? I did some research to see […]
What is single sign-on? Single Sign-on (SSO) allows you to use one username and password to login to different sites. It is different than using the same user name and password. The reason is the connected site doesn’t […]
As we are moving closer and closer to Halloween I am going to move into the scarier aspects of cybersecurity. And one of the biggest ones is the public wifi. As you might guess, public WIFI is one […]
Several times over this past month I have stressed the importance of using unique and complex passwords. Turning the password into more of a passphrase and making sure they are using upper and lower letters as well as […]
After writing the post on Misinformation and Disinformation I started looking a bit further into the psychology behind these articles. In my opinion, understanding the process helps us to fight it. When I started to look behind the […]
This week some crazy stuff happened in the cybersecurity world. A group of registered Democratic voters in Florida received a very threatening email. This email stated that the sender was in possession of all your information and that […]