To know and not to do, is not yet to know.

Roger James Hamilton, Wink and Grow Rich

There is so truth in this quote. How many times have you spent time learning something only to find out that once you apply it, things go south and you fail? You were confident that you knew what you knew.

Or, have you have ever met someone that give a lot of advice but doesn’t ever seem to follow it? How about those that talk about how to lose weight and how to eat healthy but yet, they are over weight and always sick?

I know I have found myself in both of these position more times that i want to admit. I spent a lot of money learning how to invest in real estate only to find myself losing money on my deals. Then I study to lear a new technology only to find myself not using that technology for some time and then get called to implement it and it fails.

We as humans do this all the time. We find ourselves interested in a topic, think we know the ins and outs of that topic only to find that there are arguments that contradict what we know. This is what this Ten Fathoms is all about it. Taking what we think we know and turning it on its head.

There are 10 major topics that are interconnect that when we start to unravel the threads and start to think critically about these topics how we see the world starts to get challenged and at the same time the world starts to get simpler .

The definition of a FATHOM is an “understanding with much thought”, or, “6 feet under water”.

These ten topics, though on the surface, may not seem to have anything in common, or they may seem to have everything in common. either way, when you start to put thought in to these two topics and your start to go deep in to them you will start to realize that either way, you can still have control of how your life goes.

  1. Wealth
  2. Success
  3. Risk
  4. Security
  5. Love
  6. Passions
  7. Talents
  8. Career
  9. Health
  10. Business